How we make spaces

Bring your project to life on time, on budget,
and at a level of quality that exceeds your
wildest expectations.

here are the
steps we take


Purpose: Meet the Enviropop team, discuss the project in depth and touch on budget.

Where: In Person or Virtual Call

Takeaways: Your brand guidelines and style guide. Signed Contract for Enviropop Workshop.


Purpose: Enviropop team presents a client brand book that includes Initial Location Plan and Concept Designs, with environmental design assets including but not limited to:

  • Wayfinding Signage, Directional Signage Design, Monument Signage, Directory Signage
  • Experiential Graphics (2D or 3D depending materials)
  • Room ID’s
  • Story telling

Where: In person or Virtual Call

Takeaways: Signed contract to finish Location Plan/Concept Designs signed, option for full site at scalable price


Purpose: The Enviropop team presents full Location Plan and Concept Designs.

Where: In person or Virtual Call

Takeaways: Alignment on direction, high-fives all around.


Purpose: Client chooses the environmental assets to proceed with for Phase 1

Where: Virtual Call

Takeaways: Signed contract to move forward with the design, fabrication and installation


Purpose: We touch base one more time on the materials used before the orders go in.

Where: In person or Virtual call (materials shipped if necessary)

Takeaways: Green light to order materials and proceed with fabrication


Our team is working diligently to create the environmental graphic design elements that will bring your  brand to life in the space

We are on-site, making your new space pop like you never thought possible.

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