⬤ 01. Challenge

When Armstrong Elementary approached Visioneering Studios Inc, they faced a major challenge the school had not been updated in decades, and teachers struggled to find quality collaborative learning environments for their students. So how could Armstrong Elementary inspire its students and provide them with an environmental design that would encourage learning and growth?

⬤ 02. Solution

After walking through a unique discovery process with Armstrong Elementary School designers imagined a three story-driven work zones that could be used as alternative learning environments. Each zone created gave students and educators a one-of-a-kind immersive environment for learning, reading, and gathering.

Zone 1 | “SOLUM/SOIL” – designed for gathering for students to come together and collaborate. The space was decorated with warm, vibrant colors and provided ample seating for group discussions and activities.

Zone 2 | “TERRA/LAND” – designed as a learning area where students could focus and concentrate on their studies. The zone was created with earthy tones and provided a quiet atmosphere for students to work.

Zone 3 | “AERIS/SKY” – designed as a reading area filled with natural light and a comfortable, airy atmosphere where students could enjoy picking up a book The interior design for this zone was decorated with light colors and comfortable seating to encourage students to relax.

⬤ 03. Results

Overall, Enviropop's environmental design resulted in a captivating project that helped launch new environments emphasizing and supporting the school's value for collaborative learning.


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