Long Hollow Baptist Church

⬤ 01. Challenge

As one of America's fastest-growing churches, Long Hollow Baptist Church desired to create engaging community space, overhaul wayfinding, and improve its pedestrian flow for Sunday services and mid-week community placemaking. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive and straightforward wayfinding plan that unified the architectural and environmental design landscape.

⬤ 02. Solutions

The design team worked with Long Hollow Church to establish a new connection point directing the flow of people through a newly imagined "Family Connector" to a reimagined outdoor space.

Branded as "Legacy Park," this exterior space is open to the public and designed to accommodate large events and gatherings. Legacy Park is anchored by Legacy Coffee, housed in the original sanctuary building from the 1970s. The coffee shop opens to the park through a covered porch, which also acts as a covered walkway for pedestrian traffic in inclement weather, and a shaded porch for parents to watch their children play in a new courtyard.
The covered porch also serves as a second-level balcony, providing space for small groups to meet and host events. New entry portals were added to enhance the wayfinding experience. At the center of Legacy Park is a Remembrance Tower crafted with three common materials designed to represent the Trinity. The tower's stone foundation symbolizes the stones of remembrance in the Bible. This remarkable structure is intended as a place to sit and reflect on the past but also look toward the future.
⬤ 03. Results

The work with Long Hollow Baptist Church included a comprehensive wayfinding system that unified the architectural landscape and created a statement of growth and modernity.

Gorgeous monument signage and graphic placemaking help guide guests flawlessly through the property. The new connection point, Legacy Park, and Legacy Coffee have become a community hub; providing a place for people to gather, connect and grow.
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